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Welcome to Loyerk Language Services, where we bridge linguistic divides with authenticity and cultural insight. Born in the heart of Haiti and France, our team brings both fluency and a deep understanding of the nuances and cultural context that make each language unique. Specializing in aiding refugees and immigrants, we offer French and Haitian language translation services that are affordable, reliable, and culturally sensitive.

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Why Choose Us

Authentic Interpreting and Translating Services

In a world where language interpreter services often lose the essence of translation, Loyerk stands out by offering native expertise. As natives of Haiti and France, we don't just know the language—we live it! This ensures that every translation is accurate, culturally relevant, and resonates with the intended audience.

Tailored for Refugees and Immigrants

We understand the challenges refugees and immigrants face, which is why we offer specialized services, such as assisting with immigration forms, medical documents, WIC, and more.

Cost-Effective and Compassionate

We are driven by our desire to make a difference. This is why our services are offered at affordable rates.

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Our Process

Personalized Translation and Interpreting Services

Every client's need is unique, and we treat it as such.

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

We begin by understanding your specific needs and their context. We do this by listening to your story, comprehending your documents, and noting every detail to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

Step 2: Translation

Our native translators, proficient in French and Haitian, work their magic, weaving cultural nuances and contextual accuracy into every word.

Step 3: Quality Assurance

Before delivering, we carefully check each document for accuracy and authenticity to ensure it meets our high standards.

Our Services

Bridging Language Barriers

Our suite of services is designed to cater to a range of needs:

Document Translation

From immigration papers to personal documents, we translate with precision and cultural sensitivity.

TPS, Humanitarian Parole Employment Authorization, and Asylum Applications

We can help you complete your immigration-related documentation.

Remote Interpreting

We offer remote interpreting services to connect you with the world. Our online interpreters and phone interpretation services for Haitian Creole are always available.

Custom Requests

For all other translation needs, we're just a message away.


Words from Those We’ve Helped

Bonswa la madam, mèsi anpil wi pou bon sèvis ou, e konfyans nou te fè Loyerk ki pou te fil TPS ak kat travay pou nou ki pa t anven. Tout moun sezi kòman nou te jwenn tout bagay yo rapid, yo pa t voye mande nou anyen ankò. Tout enfòmasyon ak papye ou te mete yo te sifi. Mwen gen anpil lòt moun ki bezwen sèvis nan men ou. Map ba yo kontak la pou yo jwenn ak ou. Se sèl ou mwen fè konfyans ak tout enfòmasyon pèsonèl mwen.
- Cezilienne D.
TPS ak kat travay mwen se la m te fè l bonjan sèvis e l rapid.
- Jean Francis
When I arrived in the United States, I contacted Loyerk, and she helped me apply for my work permit, and I got the permit in a month.
- Valery C.

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We're Here to Listen

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Contact us for any inquiries or support. Our team will respond within 24 hours, promptly addressing your concerns. We're committed to providing professional interpreting services with a personal touch.

Loyerk Language Services specializes in translation and interpreting services and does not provide legal advice or representation. For legal needs, please consult a qualified attorney. Our role is to assist in overcoming language barriers only, and we are not a substitute for professional legal services.